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The First Kiss Magic

True love’s kiss—something we hear quite often in Disney movies. The seemingly magical act that brought a dead Snow White back to life, turned Fiona into an ogre permanently, and woke Aurora up from her deep slumber. In fairy tales, a true love’s kiss is the answer to almost everything.

The First Kiss Magic

In real life, it somehow serves the same purpose. There are no ogres to be changed and unfortunately no dead people brought back to life or comatose patients woken up, but with the same magic, a true love’s kiss turns friends into lovers, settles arguments, gives comfort and affirmation, and turns dark days bright.

Truly, we see kisses a lot these days, not only in fairy tales and movies, but also in social media and the television. In my opinion, a kiss has become a normal thing and has lost its genuine value. Before, a kiss was to be shared with people of importance like family, friends, and lovers. But now a kiss has become like a giveaway, something that is taken for granted. A kiss no longer shows love, and the idea of true love’s kiss is fading into a memory.

So let me tell you about the first kiss magic. This magic only happens when you kiss with love. Your first kiss with someone you truly love will top all the other kisses you’ve had in your life. The first kiss with someone you love will get you hooked. Kisses are like drugs; they trigger sensory areas of the brain and can give you the same high as cocaine (all thanks to dopamine).

However, beyond the physical and science magic, the first kiss is so much more. Using the language of the heart, the first kiss is magical because it makes or breaks a relationship. The first contact of the lips between two people usually determines where the relationship is headed. Some kisses say it’s not a match, and some kisses say it is. That’s where the magic starts. The first kiss marks the beginning of the days of love that will be shared by two people.  Whether the relationship will last or not, the first kiss will serve as a reminder of beautiful memories, of happiness, and of love.

Don’t waste your kiss magic by just handing it to anyone. Make sure that when you kiss, you kiss not just with your lips, but with your heart. A kiss is special and it should be given to special people. Don’t be afraid to reserve your first kiss or to wait for the right moment to kiss someone. Something as magical should only be given to people worthy of it.

The First Kiss Magic2

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