The Unseen Hand



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“There are different ways of defining love. For many, it is just the feeling of completion when you are with the one that means so much to you. For some, it is the feeling of happiness one brings to you, and for others, it is about the will to share everything, including your life, with a special someone. Some people also define love as unconditional promises to be together, to look out for one another, caring for each other, so much that the person you love becomes the purpose and meaning of life.”

“There comes a time in everyone’s life when he or she sits back and wonders if life could have been different. It is only human to wonder about the possibilities if you had an opportunity to choose something different. The truth is, when you have loved someone and lost them, sometimes, their memories haunt so much that you want explanations.”

“People often describe love as an incomprehensible event, or refuge from chaos, or feelings stirring at an uncontrollable rate or irrational acts. To some extent, it is true; some people experience it like this, especially first love. This is what makes first love very special and a lasting memory. Love is something that should not be controllable, or rational. It has no religious boundaries, no financial interest, and doesn’t weigh the gains or losses that come with marriage. In fact, marriage cannot be a condition for there to be love between two people.”