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How to Tell If Someone Is Into You

How to Tell If Someone Is Into You

Liking someone is one thing. Figuring out if someone likes you is another story. To save yourself from the embarrassment of rejection, take note of these signs:

  1. Eye contact (and lots of it!)—If that person can’t seem to stop staring into your eyes, this is probably a hint. You may find yourself receiving stolen glances from time to time. If stolen glances turned to prolonged gazes, you have yourself an admirer!
  2. Pupil dilation—Body language expert Patty Wood tells Cosmopolitan magazine that dilation is a brain response that happens when someone likes and is attracted to something. This may be the person telling you that he’s interested.
  3. He/she leans toward you—If the person stands close to you without even realizing it, he/she may like you.
  4. Questions, questions, questions—They’re interested in getting to know you better.
  5. Body contact—Chances are, that unintentional arm touch isn’t an accident.
  6. He/she is anxious around you—They are usually chilled out with other people. However, butterflies swarm their stomach whenever you’re around. Perhaps that person fancies you?
  7. Getting personal—The person is honest with you. They share their hobbies, interests, plans, problems, and imperfections.
  8. They’ll keep you in their line of sight—Even if the person is standing from a distance, he/she will adjust his/her body just to keep you in his/her line of sight.
  9. They get observant—He/she never fails to notice even the littlest of things, from your haircut down to your new nail color.
  10. The twinkle in their eyes—Watch out for that shine in their eyes when you’re around.
  11. That genuine smile—Pay attention to the muscles around his/her eyes. If they move, it’s real.
  12. They smile for no reason—He/she smiles for no reason in your presence. If the person tends to do that, it’s probably because he/she likes you.



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