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Can You Really Turn Your Casual Relationship Into a Real Relationship?

Can You Really Turn Your Casual Relationship Into a Real Relationship

Most people tend to explore their options once they start to be sexually active. Some people prefer to enjoy the pleasures of sex without the need to emotionally support their partner. Thus, casual relationships are better suited to those who don’t feel ready for the requirements of being in a real relationship. However, what happens if feelings grow and a need for affection rises?


There is a certain level of trust and affection needed in casual relationships because you’re doing one of the most intimate acts two persons can do. What’s different is you have no obligation to cuddle, to stay over, or to engage in fights about infidelity, but sometimes someone becomes more attached than the other. What happens when the other person doesn’t love you back? What if they’re not yet ready for commitment? What if you will regret your decision to push your relationship to the next level?


To answer the question simply: it depends. A casual relationship blooms into real one depending on a number of factors. First, if both of you feel a lot of affection for each other, then the obvious path is to pursue a deeper kind of relationship. However, NOTHING will happen if you don’t speak up. Let your partner feel or hear how much you are into them and you can get cues on whether they have the same feelings towards you. Consequently, saying how you feel would make or break the casualness of your current relationship.


Second, if both of you are not clingy and insecure, then there’s a huge possibility that what you have could turn into something great. Remember the reason why casual relationships exist—that is, to limit the drama. If there’s minimal traces of insecurity and dependence, then that person you’re casually dating could be someone you can spend your life with.


Lastly, whether you can fully trust the person you are in a casual relationship with or not would greatly matter. There is no need to lie when you’re in a casual relationship because the other person has no reason to be upset about the things you say. Although the other person has no obligation to be truthful to you, honesty is a huge basis of character. If they’re not being honest now, do you think that they will be fully honest when they’re in a real relationship? Also, this condition applies to you as well. If you trust yourself to be fully committed in a relationship, then that’s already 50 percent of the whole party.


Relationships are messy, so you always have to clean up when you are in one. Alternatively, casual relationships can be good practice for real relationships, the way live-in arrangements are to marriage. At some point, you might feel that your casual relationship is ready to evolve, but TIME plays an important role in any kind of development. In other words, never rush things as it is always better to be sure than taking leaps of pure faith.



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