About the Book

Vic is a fun-loving boy who is ready to face any challenge that comes his way. Rita is a beautiful, compassionate, and affectionate girl. They had very different lives.

Then came the time when they fell in love.

Although they weren’t prepared for it, they knew they were meant for each other.

When compelled to take different paths after high school,

they were left with no choice but to move on and live their lives separately.

Is there a chance for them to be reunited?

Take a look at their journey and see how God’s unseen hand leads them right back to each other’s arms.

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Readers’ Reactions

“Reading this book got better with every chapter. I fell in love with the story slowly, and then altogether. The way the author wrote it was so beautiful. I understood every part of it and felt every emotion he was trying to convey. Hopeless romantics would enjoy this book very much.”

—Cristina Schmidt | Marietta, Georgia

“Love stories. They are mostly authored by women, like Danielle Steel, Linda Howard, and Jane Austen. Although we also have Nicholas Sparks, it was refreshing to read a book so beautifully written by a man. The two characters, Vic and Rita, had an emotional journey – from falling in love to separating to living separate lives with their own partners. But in the end, they finally had their chance to be together. It got me teary-eyed more than a couple of times.”

—Melissa McLaughlin | Pomona, California

“This book is like a breath of fresh air. Finding out that this was based on a true story made my reading experience even more exciting. Who would have thought that innocent, young love can have a potential of becoming such an epic love story? We often see it as ridiculous and immature, but reading this changed how I perceived the potential of such.”

—Heidi Ellis | Owensboro, Kentucky